Draft: Operating Systems, or Autobiomythography III

Finalist for the National Poetry Series in 2014 & 2015

Below are links to poems that will eventually appear in Operating Systems (Autobiomythography III) when the manuscript finds a home. As the poems from this collection appear online, I will add them to this page & link to them.

Ode to the MQ-9 Reaper

The New York Times excerpt
Epiphany excerpt
Full publication on joepan.com

The Vargas-Vargas Affair

The Brooklyn Rail

OS: Operating Systems

Chron*OS in Art World

Eth*OS in Boog City

Extrad*OS in Boog City

Bath*OS in H_ngm_n

Hypn*OS in H_ngm_n

Arg*OS in Phoebe

Benth*OS in Phoebe

Omphal*OS in Phoebe

Chron*OS in Pretty LIT

Eg*OS in The Scapegoat Review


“Green” was written as the score/verbal/text component of a modern dance piece staged by choreographer Stephanie Sleeper. Green Dance was first performed at Triskelion Arts in Brooklyn in 2012. A video & transcript of the performance/poem can be found here.