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wait wait wait wait preparing preparing preparing go go go Message to the Congress Presenting the President’s First Economic Report. January 22, 1962 To the Congress of the United States: I report to you under the provisions of the Employment Act of 1946 at a time when –the economy has regained its momentum; the economy is responding to the Federal Government’s efforts, under the Act, “to promote maximum employment, production, and purchasing power;” the economy is again moving toward the central objective of the Act—to afford “useful employment opportunities, including self-employment, for those able, willing, and seeking to work.” My first Economic Report is an appropriate occasion to re-emphasize my dedication to the principles of the Employment Act. As a declaration of national purpose and as a recognition of Federal responsibility, the Act has few parallels in the Nation’s history. In passing the Act by heavy bipartisan majorities, the Congress registered the consensus of the American people that this Nation will not countenance the suffering, frustration, and injustice of unemployment, or let the vast potential of the world’s leading economy run to waste in idle manpower, silent machinery, and empty plants. The framers of the Employment Act were wise to choose the promotion of “maximum employment, production, and purchasing power” as the keystone of national economic policy. They were confident that these objectives can be effectively promoted “in a manner calculated to foster and promote free competitive enterprise and the general welfare.” They knew that our pursuit of maximum employment and production would be tempered with compassion, with justice, and with a concern for the future. But they knew also that the other standards we set for our economy are easier to meet when it is operating at capacity. A full employment economy provides opportunities for useful and satisfying work. It rewards enterprise with profit. It generates saving for the future and transforms it into productive investment. It opens doors for the unskilled and underprivileged and closes them against want and frustration. The conquest of unemployment is not the sole end of economic policy, but it is surely an indispensable beginning. The record of the economy since 1946 is a vast improvement over the prolonged mass unemployment of the 1930’s. The Employment Act itself deserves no small part of the credit. Under the mandate and procedures of the Act, both Congress and the Executive have kept the health of the national economy and the economic policies of the Government under constant review. And the national commitment to high employment has enabled business firms and consumers to act and to plan without fear of another great depression. Though the postwar record is free of major depression, it is marred by four recessions. In the past fifteen years, the economy has spent a total of seven years regaining previous peaks of industrial production. In two months out of three, percent or more of those able, willing, and seeking to work have been unable to find jobs. We must do better in the 1960’s. To combat future recessions–to keep them short and shallow if they occur–I urge adoption of a three-part program for sustained prosperity, which will (1) provide stand-by power, subject to congressional veto, for temporary income tax reductions, (2) set up a stand-by program of public capital improvements, and (3) strengthen the unemployment insurance system. These three measures will enable the Government to counter swings in business activity more promptly and more powerfully than ever before. They will give new and concrete meaning to the declaration of policy made in the Employment Act. They will constitute the greatest step forward in public policy for economic stability since the Act itself. As the Employment Act prescribes, I shall in this Report review “economic conditions” in the United States in 1961 and “current and foreseeable economic trends in the levels of employment, production, and purchasing power;” set forth “the levels of employment, production, and purchasing power obtaining in the United States and such levels needed to carry out the policy” of the Act; and present my economic program and legislative recommendations for 1962.

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  • Summary of events surrounding the MCPPFER Document Scandal, as reported by Errol Oting Styles



  • This paper-build copy of a speech of Prez1 JFK, housed at the Smithsonian, lies at the center of the MCPPFER Document Scandal. It is a document forged by conspirators to undermine the legitimacy of Prez1 JFK’s office, by turning one of his rather innocuous prepared economic reports into an incendiary speech of poetic scorn, in which he displays his renunciation of ethics, a belittlement of citizenry, obtuse sexual perversity, and assumed mental distress. It is generally accepted that the MCPPFER Document (*Message to the Congress Presenting the President’s First Economic Report. January 22, 1962*) was the impetus behind the social revolution that transformed our nation from the United States to UNISTAT (while changing our calendar from BX to AX) and roiled such political theater as to alter our economic and social landscape in its totality, thus resulting in the Quad Wars (WWX1), and much later, when the forgery was discovered and made public, a dissolution of government on a wide scale, and later still, the nation’s reconciliation as the UNIQuad.
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2- MCPPFER Full Doc (redacted)

  • The IN-STANT version of the MCPPFER Doc.

3- MCPPFER Full Doc (post-scrub)

  • The Full Document of JFK, restored to the original.



*JFK1, Reconsidered*

  • The article responsible for exposing the MCPPFER Doc as a forgery, in which journalist Errol Oting Styles details the discovery of the original redacted copy by Smithsonian Head Curator Doctor Mario Jordan, a former professor whom Styles studied under. The article also gives the world its first translation of the original text, and includes Styles’ assessment of its possible meanings and historical significance. For his article, Styles received a posthumous Chieftain Award and inclusion in the Hall of Luminaries.
  • As reported in *The Subterranean Mammal* <aka> TSM – AX149/Jan28 by Errol Oting Styles, in the mode of Off-English <aka> BX/E, a purged lang preferred by journalists of TSM & other media outlet members of the Progressive Alliance of Newsources <aka> PAN
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> Message to the Congress Presenting the President’s First Economic Report – Errol Oting Styles – *JFK1, Revisited: Smithsonian Archivist Uncovers the Real Prez1 JFK* <aka> Article1 (AX149/January28 – The Subterranean Mammal <aka> TSM)

Early Rprt by Errol Oting Styles (AX113-149) on unearthed texts of political speeches made by Prez1 JFK – BX196? text purports UNISTAT was -/known as *these United States* – <aka> *United States of America* – <aka> *America* – text of Ltrs & speeches of Prez1 JFK *whited out* <aka> shazamd – text purported to be proto-text of *History of UNISTAT: (D) Prez1 JFK the Demo-nic: 1961-1963* – redactions greatly impact meaning – ensued: Pub Party blamed for distortions – local/global riots – WWX2 <aka> Weeks30 War – Assassinations of Speaker (PPA) KobayashiHs10 & WhipMaj (GNY) KirkpatrickHs10 – Suicide of (PFL) LegendSen12 – all believed to have had prior knowledge of forgery – (P) Prez36-40 Rayburn impeached midTerm3 – AX151 Quad Rights Act <aka> Anti-Secession Act – *New Declaration1 of UNIQuad, Re-Constitution2*



*JFK1, Reconsidered* / Errol Oting Styles / first appeared in—*The Subterranean Mammal*


We can no longer deny there exists the extraordinary possibility that we as a nation are currently engaged in a secret Civil War, a war of attrition waged by a government against its people, engineered without regard for casualties or long-term instability—economic or otherwise—and free of any recognizable sense of justice, transhuman dignity, or propriety. Our history is nothing more than a successful ploy, a deception instigated nearly two centuries or more ago in the name of homeland security. We have been manipulated into believing in a false past, which made us prey to an obscenely immoral, far-reaching plot to seize control of the UNISTAT government. The architects of this clandestine war, it appears, used our fears and biases against us, demonizing a politician to such inscrutable measure that ensuing generations were willing to sacrifice their lives, and their children’s, to ensure that no such person would ever hold office again.

If the personality and judgment expressed by Prez1 JFK in this recently unearthed trove of documents represents the true nature of the politician of antiquity, and are not merely the fictive imaginings of an entertaining wordsmyth, or the insidious scribblings of some scurrilous devotee, it would represent a radical shift in mass perception of a politician so vilified by history that any opposing narratives supported by factual evidence might very well disrupt the balance of power held by our federal government today. It might also, I fear, lay low the spirit of this great country, and precipitate if not a total systemic revolution, then surely one of identity: a revolution that is intellectual, adversarial, and of the people.

This document is the fulcrum of our age: whatever past it yields, so will it yield our future.





Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 10.07.54 PM Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 10.08.03 PM Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 10.08.08 PM







Message to the Congress Presenting the President’s First Economic Report.

January 22, 1962


To the Congress of the Uni Stat:

I report to you

the pro

visions of the ploy A,

at a time when THE

has regained its mo




THE is res

ponding to the A,

            “to promote maxi

mum ploy power;”


THE is again moving

toward the cent

ral object

ive of the A—

to afford “useful ploy op


unities for those able, willing, and seeking.”


My first Re

port is an app

ropriate occasion to re-empha

size my dedi


ion to the princ

iples of the ploy A.

As a de


tion of nat


al cog

nition, A has few par


els in the Nation’s his

tory. The A the Cong

ress the consens

us the A


ican people a nation


the suf

fering, frustration, and in




the vast pot


ial the world’s leading e


omy a silent ma


ery a plant the f


ers the ploy the pro

motion a pur

chasing p

ower the key

stone the confide

nt the object

ives a manner a free com


ive enter

prise the ge

            neral w


fare the new a pro


ion a c






the future

the other

a capacity

a full ploy economy

a satisfying work


                        it rewards

                        it generates the future and transforms it

                        it opens doors the unskilled and underprivileged the frustration


the conquest

the sole end


it is an indispensable beginning


the record con

a vast improvement

the prolonged mass

the 1930’s

the act itself

the credit

the mandate

the A

the executive

the health

the national economy

the economic policies

the government

a national commitment

a consumer

a plan without fear

a great depression


the postwar record

it is marred


the past the con a total a previous peak the able, willing, and seeking the 1960’s a future recession the short and shallow urge a three-part program a prosperity a power, subject to congressional veto a tax reduction a stand-by insurance system the three measures


the Gov

the Will

a concrete meaning

the Declaration of A

the greatest step since the A itself


the ploy

the Uni Stat

a current and foreseeable trend

the levels


the levels of ploy

the Uni Stat levels

the policy of the A

a present a recommendation






Note to the reader: This manuscript is an archive, which is to say it is an amalgam of various types of writing & performance of various styles/genres that speak to & branch out from a central poem, known as the “MCPPFER Doc,” itself devised from a speech made by President John F Kennedy in 1962. The written transcript of the speech was later revised by political enemies of the President, in order to cast him as a warmongering enemy of the state, & thus wrestle rule from political progressives.

These parts arrive as follows:

The Snap Database is an online interface future humans use to access archived
history. It begins with a personalized greeting, with advertisements, & details the referenced documents.

The original “MCPPFER Doc,” which arrives from the redacted transcript
of a JFK speech to Congress in 1962, is arranged here as a poem by an unknown artist or bureaucrat. (This poetic mode was later adopted in ironic fashion and appropriated by such schools as the Vadaists and the New Corinthians, who referred to the mode as *listlust,* or *agora logorrhea,* respectively.)

An article written by Errol Oting Styles, which first appeared in the journal
The Subterranean Mammal, concerning the revelation that the original poetic “MCPPFER Doc,” housed at the Smithsonian, is fraudulent. The document has a special place in history, & has been often used to undermine progressive politics & government for over two centuries. Styles is writing from a time of relative peace, after a number of civil wars split the United States into factions, which have since reunified. The impetus for the wars can be traced back to a speech delivered by the infamous Prez JFK1, who was widely despised for his cruelty towards the citizenry, his excessive economic spending, disturbing foreign policy, perverse appetites, and outright bold brutishness. This particular piece of investigative journalism by Mr. Styles will go on to foment another revolution, cited as the main impetus for the fall of the historically conservative future government & the redrawing of the Uni Stat’s newest Constitution.

The redacted text of a speech by John F Kennedy, later transformed into a
poem by an unknown scholar (or historic troll) & used by two centuries of conservative Uni Stat leaders to show how terrible things can actually get if conservative ideals are challenged. JFK has become, in essence, the Mad King straw man, the bogeyman of politics.