A Visit from St. Nicholson


So Wendy and I cooked a turkey and a duck our friends at the free-range Hooker Mountain Farm brought down last Tuesday. I’ve known Corina Medley since high school, and visited her and Dave last month for a long weekend spent feeding chicken and pigs, hiking, playing games, soaking in the wood-burning hot tub and generally amusing ourselves.

Check out Hooker Mountain Farm.

For the second Christmas running, we’ve chosen one actor to celebrate with a day of movies. Last year we had “A Very Murray Christmas” with Bill Murray; this year we celebrated “A Visit from St. Nicholson” with dear old Jack. Strangely, Jack’s character was named Jack in 3 of the 5 movies we watched, in the following order:

12-2pm– One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975)
2-5pm– Chinatown (1974)
5-7pm– Batman (1989)
7-7:15pm– An audio recording of Jack Nicholson reading his own version of The Night Before Christmas
7:15-9pm– The Shining (1980)
9-11pm– As Good as it Gets (1997)

Love to all our friends who came!