Another 6 AM Poetry Scramble

I’ve been up all night, all January actually, working on books. Prepping for BAP’s first AWP. I’ve uploaded a free copy of a catalogue I’ve created to give away at the conference. Just click the link below and it’s yours. The writers and books included are:

10,000 Wallpapers by Matt Shears
Darling Endangered by Carol Guess
Love-In-Idleness by Christopher Hennessy
Already It Is Dusk by Joe Fletcher Unpublished Poems by Broc Rossell
To Lose & to Pretend by Chris O.
Cook Dream-Clung, Gone by Lauren Russell
Autobiomythography & Gallery by Joe Pan

Click here for the PDF:

BAP Mini Catalogue

Forgive the format. Wendy and I are going to chop these things in half and staple them together on Saturday. There wasn’t enough time to have them professionally printed. This whole thing came about when Wendy *hand typed* the entire book for me for Christmas. She’s amazing. I need to sell enough books one day so she can quit her job and work for me.