Autobiomythography I

Autobiomythography & Gallery is the first collection in a planned series of “autobiomythographies.” This debut collection was named Best First Book of the Year by Coldfront Magazine after being short-listed for the Yale Younger Poets prize, the National Poetry Series, and the Academy of American Poets’ Walt Whitman Award.

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Autobiomythography & Gallery is the best new book of poetry read by this reviewer this year. It is incredibly strong.”
Coldfront Magazine

“Joe Pan’s stunning debut collection explores and collides the dual experiences of self and world in a language and music superbly calibrated. There is an authority of voice and a sweep of experience that graces each of these beautifully made poems.”
Stuart Dischell

“Pan’s ambitious first collection shows its strength immediately. Narrative and pastiche combine to defy easy categories. I am especially moved by the series of poems entitled “Memory of the Body,” finding in each a living portrait of one cognizant and honest in the minutes of his life.”
Claudia Keelan

“If consciousness is a stream, then this book is a stream flooded over, a whitewater of understanding and empathy. Inventive and eclectic.”
J. C. Hallman