Reviews of Books

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Nonfiction Writing

The New York Times, 2012, “A Subway Death, a Narrative, and a Witness”

The New York Times, 2011, “A Ride on the L, Disturbed by Blood on the Tracks”

Interviews on Writing

Columbia Journal, 2020, forthcoming

Poets & Writers, 2019, “Joe Pan Recommends…”

Brooklyn Rail, 2016, “Post-Lunch Poems: Joe Pan with Anselm Berrigan”

Rubin Museum, 2015, “Want to Get Poets into a Museum? Just Stock It with Art.”

Poets Touching Trees, 2012

Interviews on Publishing

The Rumpus, 2018, “Flying Blind: a Conversation with Kate Angus and Joe Pan”

Electric Literature, 2018, “How to Build Your Own Small Press in Brooklyn”

Poetry Society of America, 2017, “Brooklyn as a Bottomless Cup”

Publishers Weekly, 2018, “Brooklyn Poets Take Center Stage In New Anthology”

New York Post, 2016, “Rising demand has publishers rushing to presses after National Book Awards”

Publishers Weekly, 2016, “Small Press, Big Prize: Inside Brooklyn Arts Press”

Flavorwire, 2015, “Can This Small Publisher’s Radiohead-Style Plan Change the Way Books Are Sold?”

Entropy, 2015, “Interview with Joe Pan and Sam Hall from Brooklyn Arts Press”

Brooklyn Magazine, 2014, “Four Small Presses Rage on in Brooklyn”

Poetry Society of America, 2013, “Joe Pan on Brooklyn Arts Press”

Sapling, Black Lawrence Press Newsletter, 2013

Wall Street Journal, 2012, “Pressing for Good Poetry”

Best American Poetry Blog, 2012, “Meet the Press”

Boxcar Poetry Review, 2010

As Poetry Editor of Hyperallergic

Poems chosen for publication as Poetry Editor

Modern Dance

Green (Part I)

Green (Part II)


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GoNorth Gallery (2007-2008)