The Vargas-Vargas Affair

  “The Vargas-Vargas Affair” is a poem I wrote that deals primarily with narrative’s possibly innate (hard-wired) ability to sway judgement. It can transfix us. It has the ability to build within us empathy for a character & ultimately for each other, but it can also be a great tool for propaganda. There is always …

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Dear Jack

  Dear Jack, I wanted to say I opened your letter to Lorca, but before you get upset, know that I hear you when you say the personal adventure will at best show in the lovely pattern of cracks where autobiography shatters but does not quite destroy the surface of a poem, & that this …

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The Old Neighborhood

Photo Ric Camacho. Williamsburg changes, that is the constant. One group moves on top of the next, expands. The L train is a sardine can. They built highrise condos near the waterside, a perfect view of Manhattan. Then they built another highrise to block that highrise, pressing right up on the water. Get yours. Get …

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Getting Away

June is BAP’s open submission season. Luckily, I have readers, so I can focus on the 9 or 10 books I have to put out before Christmas. Plus, I’d really like to make a stab at getting another book of mine out next year, so I’m sending poetry off like everyone else, which I haven’t …

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Shane Book in Hyperallergic

This month I chose a poem by Shane Book for Hyperallergic. Shane & I attended the Iowa Writers’ Workshop together, & I’ve always been impressed by his work in both the poetry & the human rights spheres. He’s also a filmmaker, so be on the lookout for his work in that medium in the future.