Revisiting David Foster Wallace

  We like whole, round numbers, especially when they’re linked to celebrations, anniversaries, demarkations of memorable times, both good and bad. On February 21st, David Foster Wallace would have turned 50 years old. To mark this whole number I watched an interview of his I’d somehow missed, the full eighty-plus-minute interview with German TV’s ZDFmediatek, […]

All in a Day’s Work

I wish I’d made more time for posting in January, but the truth is I’ve been under extreme pressure (self-inflicted, mostly) to push several large projects I’ve been working on into being. I’m sleeping much less these days. The most time-consuming projects were the creation of two books for Brooklyn Arts Press: Lauren Russell’s Dream-Clung, […]

Another 6 AM Poetry Scramble

I’ve been up all night, all January actually, working on books. Prepping for BAP’s first AWP. I’ve uploaded a free copy of a catalogue I’ve created to give away at the conference. Just click the link below and it’s yours. The writers and books included are: 10,000 Wallpapers by Matt Shears Darling Endangered by Carol […]


One could stare at the color orange on a bookshelf. On a spine of a book, let’s say Andreas Gursky, and be inspired. Not by Gursky, who will inspire in different ways, but by orange. As it unfolds as a color in your brain. And you can think of all the other poets, who when […]

Terfarim the Frumious

“Terfarim the Frumious” is a magical realism story I wrote. For a mere 99 cents, you can purchase a copy from Smashwords in pretty much any format available. Click here to purchase “Terfarim the Frumious” From Smashwords: “Harry Solomon, a corporate shark, dreams of turning an island in the South Pacific into a playground resort. […]

Autobiomythography & Gallery

I’ve updated the page for my first book of poems, Autobiomythography & Gallery. Check it out by clicking the link above!

Blog fail

I know I haven’t written in a while, but I’ve been busy putting together two new books for BAP, reading submissions, writing pitches, and charting a serious amount of sales and tax slips. My goodness. For update’s sake, Carol Guess hit #17 on the SPD best seller list and received an absolutely amazing review by […]

A Visit from St. Nicholson

  So Wendy and I cooked a turkey and a duck our friends at the free-range Hooker Mountain Farm brought down last Tuesday. I’ve known Corina Medley since high school, and visited her and Dave last month for a long weekend spent feeding chicken and pigs, hiking, playing games, soaking in the wood-burning hot tub […]


To celebrate our first date 6 years ago, Wendy and I ventured out to chef Paul Liebrandt’s restaurant Corton in TriBeCa. We decided to go there after watching the documentary made about the chef. I recommend highly both the film and the restaurant, but only if you’ve saved your pennies, ’cause it aint cheap. The […]

The Kim, Alas

We’ll never know everything about “Kim the Il,” but we do know a few things… Top 10 Crazy Things About Kim Jong Il “As a supernatural fashionista pro golfer praised the world over for inventing the sandwich, I believe I’ll build a fake city free of handicapped people for my next fake Godzilla movie and […]

VIA performs at the LABA Theater at the 14th Street Y

I’ve been following VIA Dance Collaborative from it’s earliest beginnings and have seen these young women put out some amazing work. New pieces by Adrienne Westwood, Dawn Poirier, and Katie Swords. I’ll upload more photos when I can get my hands on some.

Seth Harwood

  I can’t tell you how impressed I am with Seth Harwood. This is what he does as a self-published author of his books: he writes them, he podcasts them, he gives them away for free (yes, for free), he sells limited edition copies to eager fans. This is what the fans do for Seth Harwood: […]

Shen Wei at the Park Avenue Armory

This week in Hyperallergic I reviewed Shen Wei’s new performance at the Park Avenue Armory. You can read the full review here:¬†An Offering of Three Shen Wei Dance Pieces at the Park Avenue Armory I love modern dance–the control, the rhythms, the expressiveness of gesture and full-body kinetic awareness of space. Watching another human grapple […]

Ron Santo Makes it into Cooperstown

The play-by-play commentary of Ron Santo was the worst in all of baseball, hands down. For all sports it was equaled only perhaps by Joe Morgan. But there was something endearing about the dumb blind banter of this former Cub that kept you from muting the TV; he had an obvious love for the game, […]

Art Basel, The Artist as a Poet

Art Basel Conversations | The Future of Artistic Practice | The Artist as Poet from Art Basel Miami Beach on Vimeo. Here’s a rating of the effectiveness of the persona of each speaker (S) added to his or her seeming knowledgeability of the subject of poetry (KS) in generating within me (KS + S) a […]