June is BAP’s open submission season. Luckily, I have readers, so I can focus on the 9 or 10 books I have to put out before Christmas. Plus, I’d really like to make a stab at getting another book of mine out next year, so I’m sending poetry off like everyone else, which I haven’t actively done in about seven years.

Last weekend was a nice respite from the chaos. Wendy & I were able to retreat up into Vermont to visit our friends Corina Medley & Dave Thayer & Kempton at Hooker Mountain Farms. We fed the pigs & the chickens & chicks, & Wendy made homemade ice cream as I sampled the new sodas they’re making to sell at the farmer’s market. De-licious. We were also able to stop by & help Bianca Stone at the beginning of her restoration of her grandmother’s house, ripping out shrubbery, clearing the land, boxing books, & sweeping up with Ben, Alina, & Eric.

Here are some pics. Cheers.