Operating Systems

(Autobiomythography III, 2019)

The culmination of over a decade of work and research, Operating Systems moves between various traditional and experimental forms, and contains what is probably my most well-known poem, “Ode to the MQ-9 Reaper,” which found mention on the front page of The New York Times. Though it appears as the third in the series, it was finished last.

The Art Is a Lonely Hunter

(Autobiomythography IV, 2018)

A book that obliquely documents the fictional life of an experimental film director turned poet.


(Autobiomythography V, 2018)

Written during a single day’s traveling by train from Venice to Florence after receiving news of a horrific series of deaths, Soffritto troubles the boundary where personal grief and invented memory clash.

Hi c cu ps

(Autobiomythography II, 2015)

This second collection of mine arrived from a period of near-constant traveling, which included visits to Tokyo, South Africa, Taiwan, Norway, Shanghai, Los Angeles, New York, Belize, the Pacific Northwest, Chicago, France, Germany, Florida, et al. To write these poems I forced myself to slow down and pay closer attention to things, only writing down a poem after I had it completely formed in my head.

Autobiomythography & Gallery

(Autobiomythography I, 2007)

My first book, and the first of the Autobiomythography series, the manuscript is not too far removed from the thesis I turned in to complete my Master’s Degree from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. The manuscript was a finalist for the Yale Younger Poets Prize, the National Poetry Series, and the Academy of American Poets Walt Whitman Award.


Brooklyn Poets Anthology


Co-edited with poet Jason Koo, this anthology brings together 170 different contemporary voices from the New York borough of Brooklyn, the first book to do so. A Best Seller that remains taught in university classrooms.


Infinite Record: Archive, Memory, Performance


A five-year international effort, this book is an art object and true labor of love. It is the resulting book-form archive of talks, symposia, art pieces, dances, essays, and so much more, as brought to fruition by Editors Karmenlara Ely & Maria Magdalena Schwaegermann of the Norwegian Theatre Academy / Østfold University College, along with help from academics/artists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA), Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Kiel (Germany), and York St John University (UK). I spent years helping make this book a reality, and many, many hours editing it and helping along rewrites in several languages, and so claim it as part of my work.

Between Scylla & Charybdis


An extended interview with the artist Greg Slick.