Autobiomythography Series (Poetry)

Autobiomythography & Gallery

(Autobiomythography I / Brooklyn Arts Press, 2007)

The first book of the series, this manuscript is not too far removed to the thesis I turned in to complete my Master’s Degree from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. The manuscript was a finalist for the Yale Younger Poets Prize, the National Poetry Series, and the Academy of American Poets Walt Whitman Award.

Hi c cu ps

(Autobiomythography II, Augury Books, 2015)

This second collection arrived from a period of near constant traveling: Tokyo, South Africa, Taiwan, Norway, Shanghai, Los Angeles, New York, Belize, the Pacific Northwest, Chicago, France, Germany, Florida, et al. To write these poems I forced myself to slow down and pay closer attention to things, living in the immediate moment.

Operating Systems

(Autobiomythography III, Spork Press, 2019)

This is the book closest to my heart. I spent over a decade putting these poems together, and it contains my most vulnerable pieces. It also contains my longest and probably most important work, “Ode to the MQ-9 Reaper,” which found mention on the front page of The New York Times. The book was actually published after the other four in the series, but falls ideologically in the center.

The Art Is a Lonely Hunter

(Autobiomythography IV, Minor Poets, 2018)

This loose biography is composed of poems that document the life of an experimental film director turned poet.


(Autobiomythography V, Post House Books, 2018)

Written during a single day’s traveling by train from Venice to Florence after receiving news of a horrific series of deaths, Soffritto tests the extemporaneous boundaries where personal grief and memory clash with that insipid drive to experience every ounce of one’s vacation.


Brooklyn Poets Anthology

(Brooklyn Arts Press, 2017)

Co-edited with poet Jason Koo, this anthology brings together 170 different contemporary voices from the New York borough of Brooklyn, the first book to do so. It was an instant Best Seller and remains a staple in university classrooms.


Between Scylla & Charybdis

(Brooklyn Arts Press, 2008)

An extended interview in book form with the artist Greg Slick.

Infinite Record: Archive, Memory, Performance

(Brooklyn Arts Press, 2017)

A five-year international effort, this book is an art object and true labor of love. It is the resulting book-form archive of talks, symposia, art pieces, dances, essays, and so much more, as brought to fruition by Editors Karmenlara Ely & Maria Magdalena Schwaegermann of the Norwegian Theatre Academy / Østfold University College, along with help from academics/artists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA), Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Kiel (Germany), and York St John University (UK). I spent years helping make this book a reality, and many, many hours editing it and helping along rewrites in several languages, and so claim it as part of my work.