The Art Is a Lonely Hunter (Autobiomythography IV)

Post House Books, 2018

He, as he is known, is a once-famous film auteur who has just blown himself up in a suicide pact with his wife, an act involving a grenade and a rowboat on the tranquil Lake in Central Park.

What follows constitutes his final manuscript, a strange and dynamic autobiography, told in verse. The visionary director relished his provocative time in showbiz before the weight of the carnivorous motion picture industry forced him into seclusion, where he reprised his beloved role of experimental poet.

This thin volume charts He’s time as a juvenile delinquent, stealing hot dogs to feed his family, before a brief stint pitching in the major leagues. Fighting to make something of himself, He signed up for a scriptwriting course at a local community college where an alcoholic mentor introduced him to television writing, a fortuitous event that would carry his ambition all the way to Sundance, and later, the Academy Awards.

The Art Is a Lonely Hunter is a wondrous book of philosophy and pleasure, grand narratives, tribulations and their triumphs, and a deep longing for love and recognition.