The New Newer


How can I put this? Star Wars is the new Odyssey. No new news but still news. No? If one believes in a populace representing their own beliefs & choosing new characters as heroes. If not, there’s always academia. There’s always an -ism, which means an earlier stab at dominant theory revived into council as the ultimate way to believe a priori. Liar. You dream better than you feel the truth of that. Yet God is chosen much, mostly, or anti-god, muchly, and Chris Hitchens dying choosing writing as God, into the final hours. Much love.

Some more hiccups:


Spring rain taps the window.
My refrigerator
hums its one tune.

Spring rain,
and all the books here slouching
on their spines.

Sound of a saw—but
when I look—child
smiling from a tree fort.