Art Basel Conversations | The Future of Artistic Practice | The Artist as Poet from Art Basel Miami Beach on Vimeo.

Here’s a rating of the effectiveness of the persona of each speaker (S) added to his or her seeming knowledgeability of the subject of poetry (KS) in generating within me (KS + S) a cynical feeling that my inner life is more abundant than the speaker’s: (HE) Highly Effective; (FE) Fairly Effective; (IE) Ineffective

FE = Gerry Bibby, Artist, Berlin
HE = Tracey Emin, Artist, London
HE = Olivier Garbay, Artist, London
FE = Karl Holmqvist, Artist, Poet and Performer, Berlin/Stockholm
FE = Jonas Mekas, Writer, Curator and Filmmaker, Brooklyn
IE = Hans Ulrich Obrist, Co-Director, Serpentine Gallery, London

Also, I’d personally like to thank Hans Ulrich Obrist and Art Basel for treating us to the glorious gift of the poetry of Tracey Emin. I’ve already begun committing one of her works to memory:

A Poem From 1992, ’93 by Tracey Emin (super-talented artist)

You put your hand across my mouth
but still the noise continues.
Every part of me is screaming,
about to be smashed into a thousand-million pieces,
each part, forever, belonging to you.