Hiccups, a new book of short poems

My second collection of poems, Hiccups, is now out from Augury Press & available for order through Small Press Distribution & Amazon. You can also read some sample poems on the SPD site. Taking cues from a myriad of short forms—haiku, epigram, bon mot, aphorism, senryū—the poems in Joe Pan’s Hiccups search out unexpected ways […]

“Hiccups” to be published by Augury Books in 2015

I was in LA this past week when I opened my inbox to a terrific email from Kate at Augury Books informing me that they wanted to publish my book of short poems, Hiccups, in May of 2015. The book is a basically a love letter/travelogue broken into 250 short poems. I’ll update the site as more information […]


  Noon moon, city sidewalk a gyro draped in aluminum. The child holding his coat aloft by one arm is held aloft by one arm. Park leaves breaking into color. Two blind men compare dogs. Even the old dog in snow wonders at its breath. The cow under dogwood is the glove nuzzling away the […]

The New Newer

  How can I put this? Star Wars is the new Odyssey. No new news but still news. No? If one believes in a populace representing their own beliefs & choosing new characters as heroes. If not, there’s always academia. There’s always an -ism, which means an earlier stab at dominant theory revived into council […]

Each Day, a Crumb

  So I’m going to try & post something new each day. A poem piece, a little nugget of text, fragments of a story in progress, something. So today, four hiccups (haiku-like poems) that began & ended my last attempt at blogging: onward, upward, forever westward eyeing eastly, uneasily & perhaps awkwardly, but openly, hopefully: […]