Two Forthcoming Books in 2018 & 2019

I’m pleased to announce that I have two books forthcoming: The Art is a Lonely Hunter, Autobiomythography IV is a chapbook due out in May 2018 from Post House, and Spork Press will be publishing the full-length Operating Systems, Autobiomythography III in April 2019.

Publishers Weekly review of Hiccups

Woke up to this wonderful review, from the PW website: “In this satisfying second Autobiomythography collection (after Autobiomythography & Gallery), Pan hits the ground running with brief snapshots of life in the U.S.—and later the world—that hover in the same emotional sphere as haiku. Through Pan’s striking cinematography and use of perspective, readers see how […]

“The Poem” – New pamphlet out from Greying Ghost Press

Got a buck? Then you can grab a new pamphlet of my poem “The Poem,” released by Greying Ghost Press. From their description: “Not just The Poem but Thee Poem. One that featured both the “pained cry from the city’s boiling vortex” and “the lone cricket barking from a rusted Buick.” If you say ‘Damn!” […]

Final Conference for Infinite Record

  For the past 2 years, I’ve been attending conferences all over northeast Europe, in celebration of the work of 3 artists, where academics, artists, & writers showcase their own work or speak to one idea or another in relation to the art/act of archiving. This was the final conference, held at MIT in Boston. The […]

Acting debut on “F to 7th”

I’m on internet TV! Check out this first episode of the second season of Ingrid Jungermann’s “F to 7th,” a homonuerotic series of webisodes, where I play a Jehovah’s Witness beside across from Annette O’Toole. If you haven’t watched season 1, I highly recommend it…    

Hyperallergic Poetry Reading Series

I’m proud to be announcing the Hyperallergic Poetry Reading Series, in which I will be choosing interesting locations for readings by poets published in Hyperallergic. The inaugural reading will be hosted by Berl’s Brooklyn Poetry Shop, with readesrs Joanna Fuhrman, Dan Magers, Debora Kuan, & Ana Božičević. I wrote a Hyperallergic piece about taking on the job […]

The Final Sleeping Bag Run of Winter

“Spring has come to New York. We have 20 sleeping bags left, which means that we gave 30 away to people who are homeless & to homeless shelters. Instead of handing the remaining 30 off to shelters, we have decided to hold onto them until next season. Although I’m not feeling great at having not handed […] – Sleeping Bags for the Homeless

For the past 2 months Wendy & I, along with various friends, have been driving around delivering sleeping bags to homeless people. You can read more about it here: I’d suggest starting from the very beginning. It takes about 15 minutes in all. We have 29 bags left, & I would love to invite […]

Mike Tyson on Writing Poetry

  I believe I just discovered the meaning behind Mike Tyson’s answer to a question I posed to him last night at the New York Public Library, where he was interviewed  by Paul Holdengraber. The answer is a little overwhelming, truthfully. Through tears & self-effacing comments, he spoke about many things, but spent a good deal […]

The Vargas-Vargas Affair, the Brooklyn Rail

Check out the Brooklyn Rail for a long poem I wrote about an evil twin. Which is evil? Neither, surely. But at least one is a lying, conniving sociopath. Click to read The Vargas-Vargas Affair. I wrote this poem as I write all my poems: music first, then meaning. A few minutes in & I’m […]

Getting Away

June is BAP’s open submission season. Luckily, I have readers, so I can focus on the 9 or 10 books I have to put out before Christmas. Plus, I’d really like to make a stab at getting another book of mine out next year, so I’m sending poetry off like everyone else, which I haven’t […]

Helen Diffenderfer

Helen Diffenderfer, my grandmother, died today. She was 85 years old. She was a badass. She worked at Cape Canaveral. She wasn’t much afraid to die, & had a pretty good last few days, from what I can tell. She ate like a trucker: two Christmases ago she berated me for not giving her a […]

Spring Cleaning & Blue Safari by Josh Bell

Blue Safari by Josh Bell continues to show why he should be considered one of our great poets. In other news, I threw open the windows to the whole apartment & cleaned for two days straight. I could live there, I thought, looking in the room I live in.